Maple Syrup and Sugar Gift Box

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Give the sweetest gift of all with our Grade A Very Dark maple syrup (a favorite!) and a sample of our granulated maple sugar. Each gift box includes:

  • 8.5oz bottle of maple syrup in Grade A Very Dark
  • 8 oz jar of granulated maple sugar
  • Wooden gift box 11" by 5.5" by 9.5" handmade by Adam's father

Have you tried maple sugar? It is made from pure maple syrup, bringing the maple flavor we all love to any recipe that calls for granulated sugar. Our maple sugar is sifted to a fine texture, similar to Baker's Special, to get a light, sweet sugar that dissolves quickly. Stir it into tea or coffee, substitute 1:1 for sugar in baked goods, or add to soups, sauces, and other dishes for a sweetener that is minimally processed and harvested with care from the wild.

We make our maple sugar from the maple syrup we produce each spring and from other Vermont sugarmakers who offer wood-fired maple syrup and have received the bird-friendly certification through Audubon Vermont. This batch of maple sugar came from Grade A Dark Maple Syrup from Fleury's Maple Hill Farm in Richford, Vermont.