1 liter glass bottle pure maple syrup

Liter Pure Maple Syrup

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🍁 Liter Glass Bottle of Pure Maple Syrup
🍁 Handcrafted in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
🍁 Wood-Fired, Unblended & Small Batch

Available in Grade A Amber & Dark

Maple syrup gets richer and darker as the sap changes throughout the six-week sugaring season. We make our Amber Maple Syrup in the middle of the season, and Dark at the end. Both syrups are delicious as table syrups on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, and yogurt (and in coffee). With the strongest maple flavor, our Dark Maple Syrup is perfect for glazes, baking, and cooking. We hope you enjoy experimenting with all three grades of our maple syrup in your recipes!